Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

(Too) Big Business in Sri Lanka ?

Sri Lanka with the wonderful waves, the nature, the delicious food and the super friendly people is not only one of my favorite spots ever, it also seems like this country or its people want me to stay...

not the worst place for a season of work... Tropi Turtle Hostel in South Sri Lanka

What is this with people in Sri Lanka looking for European business partners? I've been to Sri Lanka twice (only!) and everytime I got there, I got a number or email from someone who asked me to stay a whole season and join their business. One for each stay. And Speaking to other backpackers I noticed I'm not the only one...
One wanted me to stay at his beach- and diving-hostel to manage it. clean the rooms, doing check in and outs, organize it all a bit etc. He was also very keen to show me other properties and wanted to hear my opinion, which one he should buy. As if I am somehow good in investments and money issues. Poor guy, probably a good thing that I didn't stay. He would be broke by now, following my investment-advices pretty sure.
He offered me free accomondation, a surfboard and a scooter to use, a little pocket money for food and extras and help with the visa.
The second guy wanted to sell me a ring. Then he wanted me to help him in the shop. Then he wanted me to go to another city with him, where he gets the gemstones for his jewellry making shop from. And then he came up with the idea that he could possible turn his beach villa into a hotel (of course me being the muse and decorateur and manager and yoga teacher and in general - just the allover Leonie.).
He offered me free accomondation, paying for my flight tickets (if I stay the whole season), free trips, a surfboard and scooter and the ring, he actually wanted to sell me (beautful, beautiful ring, I was tempted!!!).

preparing breakfast for the guests
That I work on the road is nothing very uncommon. I love to do hairwraps, help in projects or shops, do online stuff or whatever crosses my path. But that 2 people in the same country try to make me stay in such a way is uncommon indeed.
Suspicious how a girl after 5 years of backpacking should be, when a man tries to make her stay, I talked around a lot to find out what they really were after.
I have to say: Both of them emphasized that it was not about sex or marriage in such a strong way that I was in favor to believe that actually was their main motive.

Sri Lanka... A real paradise.
But why the business blabla? I still couldn't really figure that out and regarding the fact that I met other travellers with the same experience (male as female..) and regarding the fact that they always invited my non-existing boyfriend as well I actually believe there is something more behind the whole thing. Maybe it's just good for the business, when people see a European behind the shop or would rather book a hotelroom from a European than a Sri Lankan (is that really true..?) I don't know but there must be a reason.

To be honest: It's not excatly the worst to have 2 invitations to live in Sri Lanka for half a year for free, isn't it?
Sri Lanka is beautiful, I think if Australia doesn't work out I might take one of those guys offer and give it a try. Maybe just to find out, what they're really after. Of course my (non existing but they don't know that) German boyfriend is welcome, too. Both of them actually said he could work here, too.

Avocado Lassi and Dhal/Rotti
nothing compares...
This was one point, that really made me wonder. If they accept me bringing my boyfriend, and even invite him it can't be about sex, can it..? Any of my male friends keen to live and work in Sri Lanka for a while to find out..? We could be a Punkah on Sri Lanka!
We could drink Avocado Lassies, go surfing every day and do a meditation or yoga retreat from time to time to calm our minds or simply go hiking in the mountains. Doesn't sound too bad hm...? :)

Ever happend to you that you were offered a job on the road that kept you staying a country? Or do you wonder how to get jobs on the road?
Share in the comments below :)


  1. Sehr schöner Beitrag. Ich mag deinen Blog sehr. Er gibt mir das Gefühl ein bisschen mit unterwegs in der weiten Welt zu sein. Außerdem hast du so einen feinsinnigen Humor und ein tolles Gefühl für Sprache. M

    1. Danke dir, M. :) Immer wieder froh, Feedback von dir zu bekommen ;)

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