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About me and this blog

Hey there,

I'm Leonie, in the best age and full of inspiration, wanderlust and curiosity!

I was born in Hamburg (Germany) but I have lots of homes! I studied a wild mixture of International Politics, Philosophy and Cultural Science in Berlin (Germany) and Lyon (France). 
Since I found out in 2011 that a backpack can be a wonderful home, I haven't really stopped travelling and since I finished my studies in 2015 I'm on the road without return ticket to see and explore more unseen.
In the past 5 years I've seen wonderful places, met inspiring people, worked, lived and spent time in totally different cultures such as Germany - Morocco - France - Tanzania - South East Asia - India - Nepal and learned a lot about myself and others.

Since I know not everyone gets the chance to travel (actually that's not true - I think we all have the chance to... but that's topic for a post), I share my experiences and all that great shit I learned with you guys :)

This blog actually has 3 parts or categories if you wanna say so.

  • First of all there's a really important and sometimes funny topic: cultural differences.

I started blogging in 2013 during my Erasmus year (actually because I saw no point in copy-paste-letters to family and friends about what I was doing) and kept doing it in Africa, because it gave me another, more focused view on the world and on cultural diversities and while I was sharing my experiences in a blog I could reflect them better.
Since I studied cultural science, I did a lot of academical research on this topic and I think it is very important for everyone (which means everyone, not only travellers!) to understand, how different cultures can react and think. It can be very funny but there's also the possibility of insult to somebody, fights or even worse due to crosscultural missunderstandings.
I hope, this blog opens ones eyes a little to these diversities and show how great they can be.

  • Secondly there's the information part.

My friends and family often ask me about places where I've been to, if I had tips or special advices and so I decided to share my experiences in public so everyone who's interested can benefit from them.

  • Thirdly we got the social justice and humanity part

This is (besides the cultural differences) my main study part and since we're still all in a system that is not fair for a lot of people, I want to speak about anything here that involves social (in)justice but also ways and ideas to make it better. Development aid, communities, visions as well as current problems or situations, things that not turn up in the media. Obviously, nothing here will ever be fully complete. But I do believe that we all have a part in turning this world into a better place and by speaking things out as well as trying to inspire people I hope I can do a tiny little part to make this world a bit better.
When it comes to development aid and social projects, I often include this in my travels. I often visit local projects and help out or just talk to the people, living there and I think these informations are great for everyone who wants to help but is (for a very good reason!) still unsure where the help (or money) is actually going to.

All in one, this makes a blog full of funny to sad travel stories, tips, experiences and informations which may help you and me and everyone else to find and explore new, wonderful places, to react right and feel comfortable in different situations and to respect other cultures. 


So let's travel. Alone, with a friend or in a group, in tents, Hostels, tiny rooms and Hotels, by plain, train, ship, car or foot. Working, sleeping, partying, discovering, chilling, thinking; Let's try it all! Let's grow!

With this in mind: the world is ours.

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