Montag, 28. November 2016

Airport observations

I love it. People in airplanes. This is actually one thing which doesn’t change. Never. Nowhere. It seems that all human beings on this planet share one single thing: They want to be the first.

Since I do not know these guys (but Max) I guess everyone in a plane likes to observe...

Where’s the best spot to observe this? Right! At the airport (well, the train station and every goddamn escalator is a good spot too.).
Ever had this situation that they call your flight number and you line up just to end up waiting for another half an hour? Right. That always happens. Yes, every single time. Because the airport people are not dumb. They will call you at least 3 times to make sure everyone hears it. And after the third call they might start with the process. Frequent flyers know that. You can tell from the way they remain to their seats with a laptop on their lap and a coffee in their hand. They might actually go and get a new coffee because they freaking know that it'll take another 20 minutes minimum.
Airport office: Time management: top. ;)
Usually you only have 3-5 passengers like this at your flight. Everyone else will line up immediately and then stand in line, secretely wishing they would have gone for a coffee but too afraid to leave the line. For the next 30 minutes.
I’m one of the more relaxed passengers. And no, I never missed a flight because of that (I did indeed miss some flights but that usually happens because of me being super stupid or the public transport. When I once get to the airport in time, I usually get my airplane, no matter how long I wait in the lounge, thanks, Mom.). So I would sit there with my coffee and my laptop, watching the people who nervously step from one foot to the other and then, when the line starts to move, I would go to the toilet, just to come back and return to my seat, because the line hasn't even moved a meter yet.
Another wonderful situation: Plane lands, belt signal goes off. Immediately people start to jump over each
line up
other to get their bags and to line up (if possible run through the whole airplane to be the first in line while the
seatnumber was 35…). Now the funny part starts: The lined up people wait in their lines until the airplane is ready to open it’s doors. Which can be quite fast (10 minutes) or quite slow (30-50 minutes worst case and yes that did happen to me.). This is when the people wake up! They start moving and as fast as possible they try to overtake the other passengers so they can be the first at the baggage claim. Just to wait there until everyone has arrived and until the bag finally comes out (usually AFTER everyone has arrived). And now the mean (my favorite) part starts. While people are already sweating due to their fight for the first place at the baggege claim, I just remain in my seat and read my book until everyone has left the airplane. Then I will start walking slowly. I will take my time, go to the toilet and by the time I arrive at the luggage, my bag will wait for me so I just take it and meet all the other passengers outside waiting for the exact same bus because they’ve been faster than their bags. Mostly I'm actually the first one outside because I don't have any baggage to wait on or my bag is (lucky child...) the first.
just casual 24 hours at the airport.
Not tired at all....
To be fair: I guess if no one would stand up and go to stand in line with the first call, the whole process would take longer, so thank you dear strange passengers, for making my airport experience that calm and enjoyable, every single time. :)

Another thing at the airport is the fabulous idea of sleeping on the ground. We all have been there, haven’t we? And I have to say, I love to see business people laying down on seats or whole families snuggled into and over each other in a corner on the floor. At one point we all lose our doubts of sleeping somewhere when it comes to long distance flights. One just gets too tired. But still – isn’t it beautiful to see such different people all sharing the same experience? Bring a pillow and a sleeping bag and join the community! Little tip in the end: if you find the airport to busy or loud, see if you can somehow get to the floor where the flight companies offices are. It’s super quiet there and no one will disturb you. They might look at you in deep pity but you’re sleeping so what do you care? ;) 
I think I can say: I love airports and the people there :)

Do you have a favorite airport situation or story? Share in the comments below :)