Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Goodbye Nepal - Namasté Australia

This is for my nepali travelbuddies, family, motivators, therapists, partypeople, sangha, listeners, friends.

Kopan and (almost) everyone involved.

Friendship cafe crew 1

Friendship Cafe Crew 2


It feels like ages that I arrived here at 1 a.m. and been welcomed with one of the warmest and most honest hugs, I've ever got.
Fireflies Hostel...
Since this moment I have experienced so many new ideas, so much inspiration, so many adventures and special moments, such a beautiful nature and - probably most important - such beautiful souls.

You - all I met here - gave me so much during these last 3 month (was it really that short?). I found new soulmates and friends here. Some groups and people still felt like family, when I sawe them again after two month, even if we haven't been in contact. You gave me not only a good time here, a lot of music and fun. You helped me growing. And I honestly think, I've never grown so fast and learned that much about myself and the world than I did here.
You enjoyed and shared the good times with me and you helped me through the bad times. You gave me support, friendship and love, physical help as well as criticism and honest words. You gave me the feeling of trust and the security to be just myself.
Nepalis, Backpackers, Yogis. All of you: I want to say thank you. Thank you for this amazing and unbelievable special time. Thank you for the right words and for the silence when words were not needed. Thank you for understanding - thank you for inspiration. And most of all: thank you for being yourself. Thank you for being just those wonderful beautiful souls you are.

For now I'm super excited to go to Australia and build some kind of everyday life but still I will miss Nepal and you guys a lot.
I'm definitely ready for daily routine, streets without permanent honking, for electricity all day long, western bathroom standards and some other things but still, I’m not sure if I’m ready to get back to the western way of living, without greeting each and everyone on the street, without the floor toilets (which actually turned out to be much more practical and hygienic when it comes to public toilets) without the Asian food (and it’s prices…), without the gleitend times (“Let’s meet after sunset!”) and without the feeling of being free and welcome everywhere I go (to be fair, I’m pretty sure you can find that everywhere..).

Friendship Music <3
A nepali friend of mine had a great answer for “Stranger’s voice”. When I asked him what is special about Nepal, he said: it’s all love and sharing. I couldn’t agree more from what I’ve experienced here. Another friend said yesterday: “Everyone who’s coming to Nepal does two things: extending the visa at least once and get a tattoo.” There is some deeper truth in his words. Of course not everyone gets a tattoo here but to be honest, I met a lot of people who did get tattoos in Nepal because they wanted to have some permanent memory of their time here. Can’t speak for everyone but at least I have never met that many people getting a tattoo from/about the country they traveled to before.
And the visa… Well yes, most people I met here stayed way longer than they’ve planned it (which is funny since we all theoretically learn here to not be attached to people or places.. :D). For me – I can say two things: 1) I extended my visa twice and got two tattoos here to always remember this outstanding time – I love, loved and always will love Nepal and come back for sure. 2) As the wind has changed (and the Monsoon slowly starts…) I feel it’s the perfect time to move on to the next – and completely different – adventure.

N.E.P.A.L. – Never Ending Peace And Love. How true is that…?


Stairs in the fireflies hostel - Houserules.
Friendship Cafe in Pokhara. No matter where you come from - join the friends.

.....And hello Australia!
First impressions will come soon but first of all: Yes. I did have a culture shock. I mean... Streets with traffic lights which actually do have a sense. People enter buses and the buses actually do wait for them and close the doors and THEN start driving. McDo and fastfood... You actually have to use the safety belts in cars. The toilets are clean. Even in the airport. Even in BARS! And by clean I mean you can enter without stopping to breathe immediately. Electricity. TAP WATER!!! How easy is life? And I have to pay attention now. Do not cross the street like crazy. Do not bargain in the supermarket. And damn! Put on some winter clothes!!!
To be continued....

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