Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

German's habit

I have to say this first: I love Germany! The more I travel and live abroad, the more I realize, how lucky I am to be born in a country like Germany!
I never had lack of anything substantial like food, water, love (that might be more a personal than a German one), electricity, shelter etc.
My German passport is - as I hear pretty often on my journeys - one of the strongest and it makes it so easy for me to go wherever I want. Not everyone is that lucky and I am so grateful for my precious and easy life.
I really appreciate it - as much as the lovely supermarkets in Germany with all the food from everywhere - I mean I love curry but imagine you'd eat curry for all your life. Not like "pizza today - chinese tomorrow" no. Curry all day every day. I love that we have the opportunity in Europe to vary and to choose whatever we like. Most things we can get - sometimes a little different than in the actual countries but at least we can get it. I also appreciate the safety, the simplicity from never ending wifi, hot showers and electricity and I especially appreciate the fact that I am aware of all this since I travel and lived without most of it for periods of my life.

how electricity works in Nepal... Sometimes.... If it works....

With this being said there are some things about Germany which are... Let's say improvable :D
I won't complain about the German language. We all know it's crazy (just think about words like Fußbodenschleifmaschinenverleih or Schiffskapitainskajütenputzfrau or Rundschifffahrtsdampfer, seriously a little "of" or like in French "de" could shorten this words pretty simple.). But complaining about this, that is a thing we Germans really do.

We're complaining about everything. Even if everything is fine, a German will find something he can complain about. And if it's a travelling German who is aware of this fact and doesn't want to seem too German, he'll complain about the fact that Germans always complain (like I do right now :D).
This is actually quiet weird. Complaining about others complaining too much. I mean. Come on Germany, we all know you can do better! You're f***ing world champion in soccer, you don't need another title in complaining!

I somehow ask myself why Germans complain that much. Is it because of the missing sun? Do we work too much and forget about ourselves over this? I know from myself that I am a lot more stressed (but also focused) when I live in Germany. I feel that everything and everyone is in a rush and there's a lot of pressure to have a good job, a healthy body (what a paradox to stress yourself to go to the gym to get a healthy body...) and a good life. Actually I feel that my life is better when I don't put this pressure on me but just enjoy living without the fear of tomorrow. That's why I needed to escape to Morocco from time to time. Because that's the opposite. No pressure at all. To be honest, I think we need both a bit. Being sure that everything will be okay and enjoy life and a little pressure coming from ourselves to built a great future.
But without the first - we'll always complain. And to answer this question once for all (at least in my opinion): YES! Other nationalities really complain less. The waiter brings a wrong dish? Well, what a great chance to try something new, isn't it? Missed the bus? Well, I'm sure there is another or maybe we could walk? The sun is very hot? But hey, at least it's not raining, right? Things are never just bad. We can always find something good about it. But somehow Germans just like to be mad at the waiter, the bus or the destiny that they missed it or the sun. Until (and yes, I saw this happen so many times!!) they have holidays and start to relax. Than they might be able to smile a little and don't take the whole world so serious.

And this is actually my message here. Hey Germans! I love you! I know you quite a while! No need to pull down the corners of your mouth! It's not that bad, all of it. Yes, there are bad things but not everything is bad! Smile a little, take it with humor! If you feel stressed, better think about changing your job instead of changing the supermarket because the cashier didn't greet you. Just greet him next time with a big smile. He'll keep that smile for sure and pass it to the next customer!
And this is what I'll do as a real German: I won't complain any longer about the complaining of Germans but take it with humor and write a post about it. And then I'll talk about it, have a great laughter and enjoy the day :)

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