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German Summer: How to enjoy the rain or: How to escape the Every-Day-Life Routine for a nomadic Lifestyle in your own home?

How it feels to be back... Ou I can't really say that. Good. So good to see all these faces again, to be with my family, to be at places, where memories take over. 
Bad. So bad to miss Australia and the big big world and it's wonders that only come to you when you're by yourself.
It's good, it's bad, it is how it is but in fact: I'm here. Really enjoying it. Eventhough I spent the summer in Germany.
Let me explain this. for non-Germans...

German summer is not what summer is elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, we did have some good summers the past 10 years but still - it is barely really hot for longer than a month and this summer is pretty much like deepest winter in Tasmania or Melbourne. In fact I haven't changed my wardrobe yet. But I might get my down jacket from the attic soonish.
There might be a sunny day but it's pretty much always followed by at least 3 rainy days. Every single time.
And even the hotest days are more humid and barely hot enough to swim. And that was about it. The leaves are already falling from the trees (what a wonderful world of colours and sounds!) and the days of summer are over in Germany. Anyway I'm here and I slowly overcome the fact that I missed German family Christmas with all the lights and snow (sometimes) etc. for being able to spend (this) summer here instead of Christmas. It's time to chase the sun again very soon, but first it's time to get back to writing and reflecting. Because the summer - as bad as it was - wasn't actually that bad.

So let's talk about something positive. 
Camping works perfectly fine
as "home office"
What exactly are Germans doing in a summer like this? Why and (more important) how can it still be fun here (because damn, it is :D) and goddamn how can we all escape the working boring everydaylife and keep enjoying ourselves more often? At least from time to time and without the need of selling everything and leaving with a no return ticket?
Because really: So many people I talked to, back home, are unsatisfied with their lives. Too much work, not enough cool stuff happening, "Wow, Leo, you must have such an adventurous life out there...!" I'll tell you what: I'm still having it. And I'm having it right here. Within your neighborhood. Besides working and everydaylife-routine. And I'm doing that with you guys mostly so keep your eyes wide open, adventures are right here in front of all of us, behind that door with a sign saying "aaah naaaa not today, I'm too tired from work."

The answer: festivals! Workshops! Roadtrips! Parcs! Life! Open Airs!
Acro at "Keine
Fische aber Grethen"
I'm not even sure if this is such a typical German thing. It might be a international summer thing in the end but since I am in Germany right now I can say one thing for sure: It is definetly a German summer thing! :)
And hell, including not only festivals but also roadtrips, camping weekends and visiting friends in other cities - I have slept on a lot of couches lately and the Flixbus became my favorite workspace ever.
Of course there are these big festivals: Fusion, Rock am Ring, Wacken, Southside, Hurricane and a lot more. I'm sure they're all great. Can't really tell, never been there, I don't like too many people :D
Wind? We can still build tents!
But: there also are these awesome little festivals and open airs and much more! Happenings with heart and soul, with community vibes and do it yourself flavour. And these, my dear friends, these things should not be missed, if you ever happen to be in Germany during summer... Because even if it rains: Nothing can ruin a happy mood. And with 3000 happy moods around you - it's just quite hard to be unhappy.
Just to drop some festival names/suggestions (there are plenty more!)

- Skandaloes
- Kiezburn
- Wilde Möhre
- Yoga Wasser Klang
- Reif für die Insel
- Plötzlich am Meer
- Kitesurf Worldcup
- Keine Fische aber Grethen

What else?
If the weather is good, try a parc near by, have a BBQ, bring your slackline or your pois and become a crazy circus artist! Bring your friends and a lot of sweet strawberries! And maybe jump in the lake if it's warm enough. Or not, because it probably won't. But you know what? Jump in the lake anyway, it rains, yes but that only means, we're wet already, right?

Stand Up Paddeling - we're wet already so the rain can come.

Bring your SUP Board and maybe a Hula Hoop! Join the Lange Nacht der Theater (long night of theatres) or a poetry slam. find yourself a choire or a open mic night, go camping for a weekend, a walk in the forrest, learn how to meditate or try tantra, explore your favorite sport again or learn how to draw... So much to do in this world, 2017 is a new beginning, remember? So start something new!

"But.... I can't do any of these things....." Where and how to find them?
Riiiiiight. That's why we've got workshops! So many freaking talented people are showing us their skills. Sometimes for money or donation, sometimes in exchange for something they want to learn or just for free, because it's awesome to do something you love and share it with others. And that doesn't have to be circus shit just because I love it. That can be everything. Everything you always wanted to learn. And a lot of things you never heard about. And we'll meet same minded people there! And simply have fun, grow and have a new experience! And maybe, if we're keen, we can teach something
Phie and Nori learning new skills
at "Skandalös"
in return one day.
These workshops are not only to find during festivals, but all over Germany (and pretty much the rest of the world). Whatever you always wanted to learn: Summertime is your chance :) How to find them? Meetup is a great app for exploring but even Facebook will send you suggestions, once you clicked on enough events with your interest.
Poing in the parc...
Ah how I love this! So many happylikeaunicorn-moments :) So many good people, so many new skills! Melbournians, be aware. I said I'll start with fire poi, when I learned my 4th trick. I can do 5 now so the possibility to accidentally burn Melbourne down is not that theoretical anymore...

...or headstands in the nature...
Because WHY NOT??
Of course... Sometimes I am happy to have a day in bed. With chocolate and my laptop. We all need this from time to time, don't we?
But I realise more and more how much happier and healthier I am, when I spontaneously say yes to some weird ideas in my head or from friends.

Acro festival "Reif für die Insel"
And I guess this is my answer to a lot of "Your life sounds sooo interesting, Leonie"s. It actually is very stressful from time to time. That is a topic for another post. But it is. It's not all glitter and not all rainbows. But I do include glitter and rainbows in my life actively and I know that it makes me much happier. I know that I don't want to spend the rest of my life complaining but rather finding memorable moments, experiences and unicorns.
Let's go!
And what's best about it: You don't need to give up your security. Of course it's not for everyone to quit your job, leave everything behind and pack your life in a backpack. Even if a lot of bloggers try to convice you "everybody can". Maybe not everyone wants to. That's how easy it is. But that doesn't mean you can't have anything from the life of a free bird. You can do your job, have your partner, you don't need to be a free soul, a nomad or even traveler, if you don't want to. You can have your savings, your warm and cozy home and you can have the adventures on top. Bring your partner and do a workshop together, something you would like to explore as a couple. Get yourself off the couch and for sure off the workspace and wonder around. Explore your talents, your fears, your heartbeat. Find a rhythm and dance to it and I'm not speaking about a club. Include a little bit of glitter and excitement in your day. I know it's hard to find the beginning, because we human beings tend to be rather lazy and stick to what we have. Which is perfectly fine. If it makes you happy. But if you want more - get your phone, have a look at events, happenings or communities around you, get involved, learn, grow and have a blast!

And if you do so: Share your new skill, passion or idea in the comments below :)

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