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Packing list

Of course it depends where you go and what you like to take with you.
I'm not here to tell you, if you really need that 20kg bag and all your favorite Shirts or just hand baggage. Everyone is different and every country requires different stuff.

I'm more here to share my experience of some items which turned out very useful during my travels and which (in my opinion) should always belong in your backpack.

Clothes and Textiles

  • Sarong

You can use it not anly as a beach towel or a dress (check out How to wear a Sarong) but also as a bag, to cover your head, a scarf, a blanket (when it gets too hot to sleep, it can save your night: just wet your sarong and use it as a blanket, will keep you cool!) and much more! It is super light and small so it fits in every bag and it's my favorite all-in-one-item!

  • Little bags and pockets
Living out of the backpack can get annoying when you do it for a long time. You always have to pack and unpack, look for the right shirt or your favorite bandana and as experienced as you are in smart-packing, there's always something unfindable.
Little bags (like those you get in India when you shop) or pockets can help to arrange everything a bit better. 
Plastic bags also work. But they're not as beautiful and we all hate plastic because of our wonderful nature... Don't we? Anyway, there's one plus for plastic: it can help to minimize your clothes, when you put them in und let the air out.

Electric Stuff

  • Multiple charger 
Sleeping in dorms mostly is a question of habit. At one point you're not really care about light, noise or full bathrooms. But one thing always annoyed me while staying in dorms: the lack of plug sockets. Travellers (even if they're totally in this "I-don't-use-facebook-anymore-because-blablabla"-phase) usually have at least one phone and a camera to charge. Most of them bring a laptop and an Ipod/MP3Player too. That would make an average need of approximately 2-3 plug sockets per person. Most dorms (6 beds) have around 3. Some of them 6. But dorm with 12 or more are quite rare.
What to do, before 6 roommates start to fight about who's going to be the first with a full charged phone? ;)
Multiple chargers!
There are basicly two options: 
  1. One charger with several cables (like this one)
  2. A multiple USB port charger (like this one)
Both options can charge several items at one time and need only one plug. So you save time and probably make new friends ;)
Check the amperage before buying!

  • (Solar-) Powerbank
Travelled in Asia/Africa before? We all know, there are electrcity cuts from time to time. Either you are one of this special persons, who is not in desperate need of their phone or you will need a solar charger / Powerbank which can be quite useful if you have several days without electricity (good example might be a safari in Tanzania, where 6 people with cameras were not told before that there will be no way to charge those cameras....)
I usually have one Solarcharger on my backpack (water- and shockproof), so it loads the whole time and one powerbank in my luggage - just in case.
If you take one, make sure to load it from time to time (the best powerbank isn't useful if the electricity goes down and you haven't charge it)

  • Head-torch
I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain that.... :D Light with hands free. Easy.

  • Tiger balm
Tiny and soooo useful! Headache? Tigerbalm! Itchy bites? Tiger balm! Aching muscles? Tiger balm! Bad smell somewhere? Tiger balm (right under the nose, you won't smell anything else!). Another plus: even a little box lasts forever!

  • Hydrogen peroxide
Not everyone's favorite but definitely one of mine! quite cheap abroad and it cleans open wounds (especially in warm countries with a high air moisture, where wounds won't close up so fast!). Can hurt a little but you'll survive it. If you like to you can also bleach your hair with it. But I wouldn't, let the sun work on that...

  • Bepanthen
Most people already know: it's not only for tattoos. Love it!

  • Anti blister gel
Yes! There actually IS a gel for blisters (or better: to protect from blisters!) and it works! 


  • Tape
and by "tape" I mean this really awesome thick duck tape which would fix everything. Shoes, tents, backpacks, mosquito nets....... I can't think of one journey I did not need it.

  • Mobile underwater case
Not only to take selfies with sharks but also really usefull when you have a boats tour ahead (especially in 3rd world countries without speed limits) and you want to protect your phone, passport and money from water. Also very usefull on the beach (no sand and if you are alone and don't want to leave your valuables alone while swimming, bury them underneath your towel in your little plastic case :) To find in every 2 Dollar Shop.

  • A good knife
When my knife got lost at the airport I almost cried. If you find your knife once, you'll love it to eternity. You might think you don't need one but as soon as you have one, you don't wanna miss it again. 
Some come with spoon and fork, which can be useful for trekking/camping!

  • Sewing stuff
Sometimes tape isn't enough to fix and you always need needles to "operate" blisters on and splinters in your feet

  • Macrame and beads/shells/feathers
Fun and so useful!!! For example to make jewellry or hair wraps or fix something. Can also turn a boring H&M tank top into a shiny New Years outfit :)

  • some detergent for your laundry
most guesthouses or places offer laundry but it can be useful (and cheaper) to wash your stuff on your own from time to time. For Germans: "REI in der Tube" is best!

  • Tweesers, nail scissors
"Do I really need them...?" YES!! And if you don't you always meet people who are in desperate need of those two items. In the last two month I had more or less about 7 really serious operations on my own or travelmate's feet because of blisters, spikes or whatever. Also useful for all kinds of other stuff. Believe me. You will need those things!

  • Water purification filter
no absolutely need but it can be very useful - especially when you travel far from cities and villages where you can buy drinking water.
Very useful for trekking: instead of carrying 3 L you just take an empty bottle and fill it up whenever you need it. Works also faster than tablets!


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