Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Hello again! - so what's new here?

Hello, Namasté, Bonjour, Mambo, Hallo! :)

I know it has been a while and I got a lot to catch up...
But since my old blog was untraceable from time to time and some friends were complaining that I should write in English instead of German - I decided to start all over again... Which meant to put all the old stuff into a new frame, do some HTML stuff - which I had absolutely no idea about! - and to reorganize everything a little.

Writing came to short during this phase but check check... guess who's back!

So... what's new?

We got some new categories on this blog now. Besides my little stories I'll also put my knowledge about development aid in (sorry not online yet), introduce you to well done projects all over the world  which can be useful if you want to do some volunteering or thinking about donation or just want to inform you.
I also added a general travel category (packing list, tips, experiences with travelling alone and as a woman etc.) and some new stuff like "Stranger's voice" (where I shortly interview locals about their view on tourists and their own country) and "Did you know" (little fun facts from all over the world).
You can also follow me on Instagram to see more pictures or leave your emailadress (look left) to stay posted (I'd be glad if someone could let me know if this is working because it wasn't when I tried..;D)

The France/Tanzania stories will remain German but for now I've decided to stick to English, since I was often asked to write in English and I'm afraid, I know more English speaking peops now than German speaking...
For South East Asia I have to apologize, I was really lazy in writing but I added some pictures from that trip and will do a better job in the future ;)

Because of all this whole renewing-editing-changing-blog-blabla, I had no time to transform my notes from India and Sri Lanka into proper posts yet, so I'll start with Nepal and add some posts from India and Sri Lanka from time to time in between.

That's it I guess, let's start all over again :) Happy to see you (again) and always happy about comments, ideas, questions and share as much as you like :)

Lots of love from Nepal <3

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